1989: so what??

— What doesn’t kill you, still can cause some trouble

160 $
4 hours
Pet friendly
In English


It’s 1989-1990, The Iron Curtain had just fallen, former communist countries breathed fresh air for the first time after long decades. The bloodless or so called “velvet revolution” forecasted a promising future. Everybody thought “happily ever after” is finally here.

Still after 30 years of democracy one of the most appreciated and well-respected politician is the last communist leader, János Kádár. What happened?

This tour tells the story of Hungary and Hungarians in the past 30 years. Not only that, but it also sheds some light on the conflicts and successes Central Europe as a whole has gone through.

Regardless of your political preferences it’s a sensitive topic. This tour is not about judging or convincing, rather understanding. Get prepared for a big walk with controversial stories, questionable figures, famous and infamous places and a ton of archive footage.


  • Guiding in English – for other languages pls contact
  • Groups up to 6 people – if more pls contact for special bid. Children under age of 12 are not included in the headcount.
  • Hotel pickup on request
  • public transportation
  • FYW survival kit 😉

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