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Budapest basics

The main highlights to get you started.

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Jewish district

Everything you always wanted to know about Hungarian Jews (but were afraid to ask).

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1989: so what??

Peaks and valleys of a young democracy. Warning! Politics! Like a lot.


Wherever you go you are surrounded with stories to be told.
Each tour of ours is a unique story. One that matters to us, one that makes the city our home.

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Creator’s foreword

” I strongly believe guiding is more than education and more than entertainment. It is the translation of culture. 

Coming from a background in sociology and art history, I started guiding in full time in 2016.

Travelling with my groups across Hungary and Central Europe I experienced that everybody has different ways to approach the same sights. History, art, music, gastronomy, religion, politics are all ways to grasp the spirit of a culture. We all try to find our ways to resonate with it. This makes every tour unique and personal.

I launched FYW in 2020, because I wanted to offer the ways I would explore Hungary. 

I hope you can relate to them. 


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Guest rewievs


Thank you again. The fact that my father kept up for three hours says everything about how terrific and engaging you were! We did not feel like we missed anything.

Lauren Peterson, USA

I enjoyed a lovely day tour of Budapest with Dan in 2018.

We biked and walked around the city enjoying delicious food and drinks.

I appreciated his insider information on the politics and history of the city. It was a wonderful experience, highly recommended as a way to get a personal feel for the city and outside of the conventional tours or guidebooks.

As a female traveling solo, he made me feel very safe, respected, and provided a delightful and informative day!

Evonne Noble, USA

“My tour with Dan was delightful.

Visiting the synagoges with him was very moving, and we could take our time to enjoy every place and listen to it´s history.

We ended in a lovely coffee shop eating typical cakes (delicious) and enjoying a conversation that was supposed to last for half an hour, but took like 2 hours because everybody was having a great time.

I had the chance to listen to incredible stories from other participants, and that was definitely an unexpected great moment.”


Dinorah Margounato, Uruguay


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